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Thank You Note After Interview- Example and Samples

Thank You Note After Interview- Example and Samples

Thank You Note After Interview: It is always a good idea to write a thank you note after appearing in an interview. This leaves a positive impression in the mind of the people to whom you are sending (interviewer) that how serious you are about the work.

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Why is it important to send a thank you letter after a job interview?

The first and the foremost reason for sending a thank you note after an interview shows your manners. If you are leaving a thank you note, the job interviewers may take your curriculum vitae into consideration more than the other job interviewees. If you yourself are a job interviewees, then you too can leave a thank you note. Use this note to showcase your skills and the other talents if you have not got the chance during your interview session. If you have forgotten to mention regarding a certain topic at the time of the interview, then write to them immediately as because it is the only opportunity that you have got.

It is wise that you are writing a thank you note to the job interviewers within a period of 24 hours as because delaying the process might lead to no appointment by the Company. No matter if your interview was not up to the mark, you too can send a thank you note where you can once again sell yourself in front of the interviewers that you are a unique candidate and is absolutely fit for the job type.

Here are some of the tips a job interviewee can follow to send a thank you note to the interviewer:


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you yesterday and learning more about the Position at Employer.

Our conversation confirmed my interest in becoming part of Employer’s staff. I was particularly pleased at the prospect of being able to develop my own article ideas with the head of the bureau, and develop my multi-media skills.

I feel confident that my experiences both in the workplace and in the classroom would enable me to fill the job requirements effectively.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any further information. I look forward eagerly to hearing from you, and thank you again for the courtesy you extended to me.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Name


  • Always consider the format: The first question that strikes you is whether you will send the note in a printed format it out will it be just a normal handwritten one? You must always think about the company culture and then decide what format you will follow.
  • Send it as fast as possible: Interviewers take the decision within a few days time and thus it is very important that you are sending in the thank you note within a period of 24 hours.
  • Keep it short: Interviewees must keep the note short and simple. The people on the other side have no time to read the long paragraphs. Thus keeping it concise thanking them smartly within a page or so.
  • Explain in brief: Use this note to sell yourself. This means you have to remind the interviewers about you being an ideal candidate for the job. Remind them of the things that you all have discussed during the interview session, feed them with some extra facts which you have forgotten to mention.
  • Proofread: Be sure of the things that you are mentioning and thoroughly read the note. Make sure that all your communications look professional and polished.

Samples are presented here so that you can know as to how one should write a thank you note. You can just glance through these ready made notes and then write one for yourself. Follow the things that we have mentioned to you and then frame one thank you note well and send it immediately as this will have a good impression on the reader.


Thank You Note After Interview

Closing note of Thank You Note After interview:

As we mentioned above it is extremely important to send a thank you note after interview to show a positive approach towards the job you have applied for. It also signifies that how keen you are to work for the organization and showing your great communication skill. We have also added some other helpful template for Thank you letter and note template after job interview. Feel free to explore our website for more. If you are looking for anything specific please do send your feedback into the comment section and we will get back to you as early as we can.