Thank You Email After Interview: Example Templates, Do’s and Dont’s


Thank You Email After Interview: Example Templates, Do’s and Dont’s: Many of the job seekers in current time doesn’t get success after they go for the interview as because the interviewer or the recruiters forget them after the interview season. Interviewers are all time overburden with the lots of pieces of information and in that case, keeping in mind about all those candidates who they interviewed is very much tough which leads in lowering the chance of getting the job. There is a logical way to stay on board by writing a thank you note to your interviewer which will remind them how keen you are to work with their concern. Writing a thank you note to the interviewer will leave a great impression of yours in front of the interviewer. In the thanking note, you can write about your anxiety’s regarding the job and there you can also add your other qualities which you haven’t mentioned in the interview by adding the link of your professional social working site.

You can send thank you note to the interviewer through the mail or through handwritten. In today’s time, many of the recruiting department prefer to conduct a phone interview and in that case, you can send your thank you note through email to the interviewer. Here in this article, we have listed some thank you note formats and templates that you can download for free and can make use of.

Thank You Note Through Mail

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Thank You Letter Format

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Thank You Letter

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Than You Letter

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.Thank You Letter

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Thank You Letter

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Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

Thank You Note Do’s and Don’t:

If you are interviewed by phone and want to send a thank you note to your interviewer, then you must keep in mind all these Do’s and Don’ts –

Do’s – At first, you should keep in your mind that the interview note you would be writing should be in brief and to the point and it should express more than just thanking the interviewer. Be sure to send the email as soon as possible after the interview. There’s a similar question in the mind of some of the aspirants who are interviewed by more than one people that is to send a letter to all the interviewers or any one of them. In case, there is more than one interviewer, you can send a letter to the coordinater where you request from him/her to share your thank you note with other interviewers or you may also write a separate letter to everyone. Share or describe your extra qualification in the thank you note which you forget to mention at the time of interview.

Don’t – While writing a thank you note, the things you should neglect is that is that you must not be recommending yourself for the job. The only thing you need to do is to convince them to work with you. The letter you will be writing must be error free and there should be no grammatical mistake.

Thank You Letter Email Template:

Thank You Template

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