21+ Free Creative Modern Script FontsFor Designers


21+ Free Creative Modern Script Fonts For Designers: The script font is a designer typeface that mainly based on the different graphic strokes created by handwriting. Script fonts are generally used to display a marvellous touchup like calligraphy and handwriting.

They are used in a variety of projects, signature, stylish heading mockup, logo design, make elegant graphics designs, etc. Usually, we can say Script font enhances the beauty of writing differently. We have assembled some of the best and sterling script font mockups in this excellent collection. Feel free to explore the list of 21+ best modern font script template and customize the perfect one for your complete and attractive presentation. All the design elements are easily usable, and you can be allowed to insert your designing artwork according to your presentation requirement. So, utilize this masterpiece and realistically customize your presentation.

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 Updated New Inclusion on 05/10/2020

#1 Faustine /Modern Font ScriptFaustine //Modern Script

This free flowing and modern faustine font design featured with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering. You can also use punctuations and ligatures at your choice that provides an amazing and authentic look with gorgeous appearance. It comes in OTF/TTF/WOFF with different stylish alternates. Freely you can use this classic and excellent modern font mockup at wedding invitation, logo branding, fashion brand signature and also in calligraphy and customize your presentation in easy to way.

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#2 Brasons Risool Modern Script Fonts

Brasons Risool Modern Script Font

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#3 Berlinda – Modern Script Font

Berlinda - Modern Script Font

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#4 Cream Candy – Modern Script

Cream Candy - Modern Script

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#5 Pentting Modern Script Fonts

Pentting Modern Script Font

Here a wonderful designer modern petting script font is predominantly made with digital scenario graphic stroke background that provides an eye-catchy outlook for everyone. You can easily use this font for your writing presentation.

#6 Doglas | One of the best Modern Script Fonts

Doglas | Modern Script Font

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#7 Just Sunday – Family Modern Script Fonts

Just Sunday - Family Modern Script

This just Sunday is a modern, feminine font that includes regular and bold style with lowercase and uppercase letters. This feature has been made very carefully, and it perfect for different projects like watermark, blog header, poster, apparel etc. And this font design will perfect for signature presentation. The font has smooth wet ink texture that would be impeccable for a different type of file printing.

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#8 Sullviya Modern Script Font

Sullviya Modern Script Font

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#9 Juliette – Modern Script Font

Juliette - Modern Script Font

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#10 Athalia – Modern Calligraphy Script

Athalia - Modern Calligraphy Script

Athalia is a lovely modern script font that gives you a luxury feel. If you looking for a natural typeface handwriting script font mockup then this typeface absolutely suitable for your presentation.

#11 Billyard Modern Script Font

Billyard Modern Script Font

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#12 Sangit Modern Script Font

Sangit Modern Script Font

#13 Maybe | Script Font + Doodles

Maybe | Script Font + Doodles

#14 Bandoong Modern Script Font

Bandoong Modern Script Font

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#15 Evangeline Modern Script

Evangeline Modern Script

#16 Australis – Modern Script Font

Australis - Modern Script Font

Another breathtaking lovely script font- Australis. This font texture made of lowercase and uppercase letter ligatures, stylistic set alternates, symbol and numbers etc. and also support multilingual. All the lowercase and uppercase letters include beginning and ending swashes. Easy to way use this font style for a perfect and attractive creation.

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#17 Magnolia Modern Script Fonts

Magnolia Modern Script

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#18 Daisyah Modern Script Fonts

Daisyah Modern Script Font

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#19 Brighlon – Modern Script Fonts

Brighlon - Modern Script Font

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#20 Marttiny Modern Script Fonts

Marttiny Modern Script Font

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#21 Chellyne – Modern Script Fonts

Chellyne - Modern Script Font

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