Downloadable Letter K Worksheets for Preschool Kindergarten Printable


Downloadable Letter K Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten Printable: Many of you might have your names starting with the letter “K” as the letter “K” is widely used by the people at large. The letter “K” bags the 11th position among the 26 letters of the English alphabet. The letter “K” is pronounced differently when it is placed in different positions in a word. An interesting fact that the word “Kindergarten” in which your kid studies at present, also has the letter “K” right at the starting.

The letter “K” is placed at different positions in the different words. Either it is placed right at the very beginning, maybe in the middle or maybe at the very end that generates different sound. So learning this latter to pronounce and spell right is quite important.

Some of the words that have the letter “K” at the very beginning are:

  • Kettle
  • Kangaroo
  • Kick
  • Kite
  • Kerala
  • Kid
  • Kindergarten

Some words that have the letter “K” at the very end are:

  • Duck
  • Hook
  • Pink
  • Pick
  • Truck
  • Book
  • Clerk

So hurry up and download the worksheets that are provided right here and let your kids or the kids of your institution (if you are a principal of any school) learn the lessons in a much playful manner.

Take a look at the different worksheets that we have come up with.

Lowercase letter “K” handwriting worksheet Letter K Worksheets for Preschool:

You are to trace the dotted lines that are present in the worksheet and simultaneously know the procedure of writing the letter “K” in lowercase.

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Uppercase letter “K” handwriting worksheet:

Know the method of writing the letter “K” in uppercase by tracing the dots that are present in this worksheet activity. You also get to write the word “KEY”. The word “Key” has the letter “K” right at the very beginning.

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Lowercase letter “K” coloring worksheet:

Color the lowercase letter “K” by any color of your choice. You can use any sort of color, be it crayons, watercolors, poster colors and so on. For making it stand out from the rest, you can even apply glitters and decorate the background as well.

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Uppercase letter “K” coloring worksheet:

The letter “K” which is in uppercase needs to be colored in this Letter K worksheet. Select any color from your palette and then fill in the empty space that is present in the letter.

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Letter “k” in lowercase and also trace the kite and color as well worksheet:

Trace the letters and also the kite as well and then when you are done, just color the kite. Color the kite with some vibrant colors and make it look different from the others.

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Trace the kite, color as well and also complete the rest of the worksheet:

Color the kite and also complete the rest of the worksheet that is left. You will get to practice writing the letter “K” in uppercase from the second half of this particular worksheet.


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As it is directed that you have to color the pictures which has the letter “K” at the very end. Color with the suitable colors and give it a new look:

Fill up your name in the space provided down below and get down to work. In this worksheet, you have to color those images whose words end with the letter “K”. Like if any of the things shown in the worksheet doesn’t ends with the letter “K”, simply you can avoid it and color the ones that you really need to.

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When kids of preschool-kindergarten walk into the different institutions they look so cute with their tiny little school uniforms, a school bag, and a water bottle right in front hanging from their neck. They learn the different English alphabets, the nursery rhymes, and songs, coloring and so on. The teachers are provided with the responsibilities to look after the kindergarteners also help them to read and write. They also take the lead in shaping the kids in the classroom, make the class more interesting and joyful as well for the kids to enjoy and also learn during the process. So it is quite crucial for a teacher to provide their students with something interesting they will not be bored about and learning will be fun. So this Letter K Worksheets for Preschool template can really be helpful on that matter.

If you wish to download the letter “L” worksheet for preschool students then tap on the link provided.