Letter J Worksheets for Preschool

Downloadable Letter J Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten Printable: Among the 26 English alphabets which are present, the letter “J” holds the 10th place. The kindergarteners are to first cover the previous 9 worksheet letters in order to reach the 10th letter. You can find the first 9 worksheets of the various letters from the Templaten.net website. During the academic session, kids admitted to kindergarten are made to learn the different English Alphabets and the numbers from 1 to 10. They are also made to learn different songs and nursery rhymes as well.

The age-old practice of teaching the students is by making them write on the exercise copies. Well, as the days are passing by, there are alternative introduction of new methods by which you can learn systematically and one such introduction is the worksheets. Worksheets are activity booklets where many exercises are provided for the kids to practice.

Nowadays the institutions provide the kids with the worksheets instead of the regular exercise copies. The worksheets are fun activity booklets which help the kids to learn things in a playful and joyous manner. From writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase, kids can practice coloring, learn new words for each of the 26 English Alphabets, learn rhymes and some prepare some handcrafts.

Isn’t that fun enough? Well, these worksheets are introduced to let the small toddlers to learn and enjoy at the same time. Teachers present in the different classes must also take the initiative to make the class more interesting and an enjoyable time for the students.

The name of the rhyme/poem “Jack and Jill” as you call it by, also starts with the letter “J”. Now take at a look at the various worksheets that we have come up with.

Practice writing the letter “J” in uppercase with the help of this worksheet:

With the help of this worksheet template, you can know the procedure of how the letter “J” is written in uppercase. You can simultaneously practice writing the letter with the help of this worksheet.

Download PDF

Practice writing the letter “J” in lowercase with the help of this worksheet:

Know how the letter “J” is written in lowercase by tracing the dots that in this worksheet. You can click on the download option and then practice writing on the printed page.

Download PDF

Practice writing the letter “J” in uppercase:

With the help of this worksheet, you will get to practice writing the letter “J” in uppercase.

Download PDF

Color the lowercase letter “j” worksheet:

Color the letter “J” in lowercase in this worksheet template. You can choose any color from your color tray and then color it.

Download PDF

Letter “J” in uppercase coloring worksheet:

Color the letter “J” worksheet by using any color of your choice. First, get the worksheet printed out from the link provided down below. After having the printout of the worksheet, you can start coloring the letter “J”.

Download PDF

Color the Jug and also practice writing the letter “J” in lowercase:

Practice writing the letter “J” and also color the jug.

Download PDF

Color the Jug and also practice writing the letter “J” in uppercase:

Trace the dots of the letter “J” and as well as the jug and color the image. Make the jug look beautiful by filling in various colors.

Download PDF

Few images of some “J” lettered words:

Here are some of the images that have the letter “J” right at the very beginning. You have to color the images after printing out.

Download PDF

Color the jar worksheet:

Here you have to color the capital letter “J” with the color red and the lowercase letter “j” with the purple color. At the end count the number of jars and write the value.

Download PDF

Color the letter “J” which is covered by a Jellyfish:

Color the letter “J” with one color and then color the Jelly fish with another color.


Download PDF

Complete the worksheet by drawing two images starting with the letter “J”:

Draw any two images of some thing that has the letter “J”.

Download PDF

We have added some Letter J Worksheets for Preschool in this article as of now. But we will try to enrich the article with more Letter J Worksheets for Preschool in future when ever we find something resourceful worth adding into the list which will help kids to learn letter J.

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