Downloadable Letter G Worksheets for Preschool Kindergarten Printable


Downloadable Letter G Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten Printable: “G” stands 7th on the list of English Alphabets. Like every other alphabet, it is also quite crucial for kids to learn Letter G. Do you know that what is common between ‘Grapes’, ‘Giraffe’, ‘Ghosts’ and other such words? Well, they all start with the same letter and that is “G”. The letter G is an unreliable letter which means that it produces different sounds. Like for example if you pronounce the word ‘dog’ or ‘garden’, a ‘guh’ sort of sound is heard and sometimes you get a “J” sound when you pronounce the word ‘ledger’. So it is extremely important for kids to learn different pronunciation as well when learning letter G. This is where this post may be helpful as we have listed different Letter G worksheets

Provide the kids with worksheets as this will stop them from learning the different alphabets in the traditional age-old form of learning. The traditional method of learning was to write in the exercise copies but with the passage of time, there is a change. Worksheets are introduced to fill up the empty position that brings joy in learning.

Worksheets are sheets containing different activities by which students can practice the different lessons that are taught in the class. Lessons such as writing the letter “G” in uppercase, lowercase. Learning new words with the letter “G”, color images and so on. It is said that kids do enjoy while they are practicing with worksheets, as this is because they are fun and contain different activities that kids will love doing.

(Practice) Lowercase g handwriting practice sheet :

Here are some worksheets to let the kids practice writing the letter “G” in lowercase.

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(Practice) Lowercase letter “g” Coloring Page :

Color the letter “G” put forward in front of you. You have huge options of coloring the image.

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(Practice) uppercase “G” handwriting practice sheet:

Practice writing the letter “G” in uppercase. Download the worksheet that is provided below.

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(Practice) Uppercase “G” Coloring Page :

Color the letter “G” picture that is provided below. Pick and choose any color you feel like and fill in the color.

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Alphabet Letter “G” Color the Giraffe:

Let the kids practice coloring the different images that are provided here. The various images that you find here have one thing in common and that is they all have the same starting letter and that is “G”.

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Alphabet Letter “G” Color the Gorilla:

The letter “G” also stands for the word ‘Gorilla’. You can download this worksheet to color the image.

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Alphabet Letter “G” color the Gerbil:

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Alphabet Letter “G” color the Goat:

Color the mother ‘Goat’ and the baby ‘Goat’ and give them a different look.

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(Practice) Letter ‘G’ trace and color the Goat:

Trace the letter “G” which is in uppercase. You have to join the dots and then only it will produce a shape of the letter “G”.

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(Practice) Letter ‘g’ trace and color the Goat| Letter G Worksheets for Preschool:

This lowercase letter “G” worksheet demands you to trace the image and also the letters.

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Check the other letter worksheets by tapping on the links provided:

We have added few Letter G Worksheets for Preschool in this post as of now but we will make it a point to add more relevant Letter G Worksheets for Preschool in this dedicated post that you may find more options of Letter G Worksheets for Preschool that you can provide to your kids for practice.