Downloadable Letter E Worksheets for Preschool Kindergarten Printable


Downloadable Letter E Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten Printable: There are 26 letters of the English Alphabet. The letter “E” stands at the fifth position among the 26 alphabets that are present. The letter “E” also falls under the category of vowels.Teach the kindergarteners admitted to the various schools with the help of the worksheets. Worksheets are the activity sheets where kids can practice the syllabus and at the same time enjoy the process of learning the different alphabets. As the technologies are changing over the period of time, why can’t the teaching process of the kids of 5 years won’t change? Teachers must take different initiatives to make the classes more interesting. This is compulsory as because the kids won’t sit quietly and fidget the entire duration of the class. On making the classes more interesting there is a high possibility to gain the attention of the small kids who all have been admitted to the institution.

Provide them with the worksheets as they are fun to work with and they will also learn the things very quickly. One must not pressurize and make the small kids by providing them with the traditional mode of learning which are books and copies to learn the different lessons. Kids of at most 5 years are in their prime stages where they need to play, learn and grow. It doesn’t mean that he/she must not study at the same time, certainly not.

As we have already mentioned that kids must enjoy this prime stage even at the time of learning also. You will find that we have provided here some worksheets, these are completely free. They are pretty easy to be worked with and the kids won’t be needing the help of the elders. You get to trace the letter “E” both in uppercase and as well as in lowercase. Joining of the dots to provide a shape to the letter “E” in both the cases i.e upper and in lower. Draw different things whose name starts with the letter “E”, color the images whose name starts with the letter “E”.

Some of the words having “E” at the beginning:

  • Elephant
  • Egg
  • Eagle
  • Ear
  • Eye

Lowercase “e” Handwriting Practice Sheet:

Here are 3 worksheets that will teach you to write the letter “E” in lowercase. First, you have to trace the dotted lines that are present and then slowly and steadily you will learn how to write the letter “E” in lowercase without any support.

Practice Sheet – 1

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Uppercase “E” handwriting practice sheet:

Some worksheets that help to learn writing the letter “E” in uppercase.

Practice Sheet – 1

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Uppercase “E” Coloring Worksheet:

Color the letter “E” which is capital letter. You can choose any color you want to. This is an easy worksheet to do and kids can quite easily learn the letter E without any stress. They just need to draw the line according to the letter already given in the worksheet.

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Lowercase letter “e” Coloring Worksheet:

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Trace the letter ‘E’ and color the Egg (Uppercase):

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Trace the letter “e” and color the egg (Lowercase):

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Color the Elephant:

Color the cute little baby elephant and give it a new look. this worksheet features a cute baby Elephant with the line ” E is for Elephant”. Kids can draw the Elephant with color and can remember the Letter whenever they see any Elephant.

Letter E Worksheets for Preschool

Closing Note: We have added the practice Letter E Worksheets for Preschool kindergarten students in this post keeping in mind all the worksheet are easy and fun to do that kids do not feel any inconvenience while doing them. Apart from these worksheet added here we are also going to add some other fun excercise on a regular basis. We request our visitor to bookmark this post or our website for future reference. Till then happy learning.