Letter C Worksheets for Preschool Kindergarten Printable


Downloadable Letter C Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten Printable: Get over the traditional method of teaching the students. Provide the kids with the worksheets so they can enjoy while the learning process. It is seen that kids when made to view things in visuals format, they tend to keep them in mind for much more time. Save the 4-5 years of kids from the same monotonous work of practicing writing in the different exercise copies. Practicing lessons on the worksheets is fun as because you have pictures, fun and frolic activities. Kindergarten kids won’t get bored once if he/she is made to work with the worksheets instead of made to work with plain exercise copies.

Teachers get more free time and have a little headache in checking the works of the students. The worksheets have different sheets where students can get to practice writing the letter C in uppercase and lowercase, write the letter C in cursive, you can know different words which start with the letter C, color different images and so on.

C is an unpredictable letter because you get to hear the pronunciation of “K” while you actually meant “C”. Like for example when you speak the word “Cat”, you get to hear that the pronunciation of “K” at the very beginning.

Some of the words that begin with the letter “C” (“K” sound):

  • Can
  • Car
  • Carrot
  • Caterpillar
  • Clown
  • Corn

In this particular dedicated Letter “C” practice worksheet for the preschool post, we have included some of the most interesting and useful practice sheet which could be utilized by the parents or the teachers to make their young ones practice letter C in a fun way which will eventually enable them to remember this important alphabet quite convincingly.

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Worksheets are downloadable for free, you can have a look at the different worksheets that we have provided here and download the one you feel correct.

Letter C Worksheets for Preschool: Circle the capital letter “C”, underline the lowercase letter “c”:

This fun drawing worksheet is designed to make the kids learn and draw underlining Letter C in a fun way. Kids can also start coloring after the drawing.


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Color the uppercase “C” with one color and the lowercase “c” with another color to reveal the image: 

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Words that Begin with the Letter “C” (with “k” sound):


This worksheet could be absolutely crucial for learning letter C for all the kids as this one features all important words which starts with letter “C” but pronounce like “K”. After finish writing letter C, kids can color the images with any color as they wish to. Indeed a fun way to learn these important words.

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Trace the words that begin with the Letter “C”:

Another practical worksheet that could be very helpful for kids to learn letter C. This particular worksheet has four different words staring with letter C which presented in dotted format where kids are subject to draw the lines and make the word. Practical yet fun way to learn new words starting with letter “C”.

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Know some words that begin with the letter “C”:

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Color the words that begin with the sound of “C”:

Here are some of the words that begin with the letter “C”.

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Color the letters to find the hidden picture:

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Connect the dots to find the hidden picture:

Follow and join the points and see what you got. After you have known what is the image off, color it with orange.

This is an interesting worksheet to practice letter C. Your young one needs to connect the dots to form a full picture. A fun way to learn a new word while practicing letter C and as well as drawing.

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Uppercase “C” handwriting practice sheet:

Some worksheets that will teach you to write the letter “C” in Capital letter or in other words in uppercase.

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Lowercase “C” handwriting practice sheet:

Practice writing the letter “C” in lowercase with this worksheet.

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Closing Note: All the Letter C Worksheets for Preschool are added in this post are made with care and keeping in mind only for Preschool students they can learn letter C in a fun way. We have been trying our best to collect and add new Letter C Worksheets for Preschool-Kindergarten students as frequently as we can. We have also made a list post where we have added the links to all 26 alphabets and you can easily get the worksheet for all other words there. Feel free to bookmark our blog for more fun and interesting templates.