21+ Unique Infographic Resume in PSD, Docs, INDD, Ai Format


21+ Unique Infographic Resume in PSD, Docs, INDD, Ai Format: Putting up a good resume is essential to get a job. For the interns, especially it is a bit tough to prepare a resume as it is their first time approaching a company for the interview. No doubt more than the resume design is the content that matters. But still, the format does create an impression on the interviewer. The better designed and formatted your resume would look, the more attention the interviewee gets from them. So before you go for an interview with a resume, we would like you to perceive the proper format.

We know we all have been taught in school as to how to make a resume, but today the game has changed a bit. It is no longer the old school technique. The style and the theme have changed as colours and fonts have been introduced. So it is essential to put up a good and infographic resume. If you wanted to do that you might have approached any professional who has charged quite an amount of money. But you no longer need to do that as we were here on our website.

If you look down below, you will see there are several infographic resume templates given. Each template is professionally built and designed. The creators have built these infographic resume templates for users like you who need help. You can for sure, take the templates and download it on your device. Once you download, you can edit and customise the content to shape your way. It would balance both the side of professionalism and the touch of doing it own. Instead of reaching to someone else for help, you can get the professional help from our infographic resume templates itself and use it to design your resume. Please bear in mind these resume templates are somewhat different from the traditional resume design style.

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Templaten Exclusive Free Infographic Resume Template Mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 16/12/2020

#1 Resume Premium Vector

Resume Premium Vector


#2 Infographic Resume Builder Bundle

Infographic Resume Bundle


#3 Infographic Resume Bundle

Infographic Resume Bundle (1)


#4 Modern resume infographic template Free Vector

Modern resume template Free Vector


#5 Infographic Creative Resume Vol.1

Infographic Resume Vol.1


#6 Info-graphic Resume/CV

Info-graphic Resume


#7 Cv / resume design with line icons Premium Vector

resume design with line icons Premium Vector


#8 Infographic Resume Examples Vol. 2

Infographic Resume Vol. 2

Another greate template which graphically represents unique mordern resume format. This could be used by job seekers to present their bio-data in visual resume format demonstrating work experience, social media exposure, skills, about etc. with the help of different color schemes. Great one click resume builder with a multi-dimentional format for creative cover letter design which would give your resume a contemporary effect.


#9 Resume/CV – Anderson

Resume CV - Anderson


#10 Simple Infographic PSD Docs Resume template

Simple Infographic Resume


#11 Infographic Resume/Cv Template Vol.1

Infographic Resume Vol. 2 (1)


#12 Infographic Docs Resume

Infographic Resume Vol.1 (1)


#13 Infographic Resume/Cv Template Vol.5

Infographic Resume Cv Template Vol.5


#14 Infographic PSD & Ai Resume Vol 3

Infographic Resume Vol 3


#15 Resume template with graphs Free Vector

Resume template with graphs Free Vector


#16 Infographic Resume/Cv Volume 5

Infographic Resume Cv Volume 5


#17 Resume and cover letter Free Vector

Resume and cover letter Free Vector


#18 Pro Infographic Resume

Pro Infographic Resume


#19 Geometric Infographic Resume

Geometric Infographic Resume


#20 Infographics Resume

Infographics Resume