18+ Creative Graffiti Art Effect PSD Template


18+ Creative Graffiti Art Effect PSD Template: Graffiti is a drawing made on the wall or other surfaces within the public view. Through some words in written form wall paintings get elaborated. In ancient times this painting was extensively used in Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire. This is a sort of visual communication, unauthorized marking of public space by certain groups. Sometimes to seek public attention in some anti-social behavior is performed. In the 20th century, this art form in the USA and Europe was associated with mainly some gangs which were socially unacceptable. Large multicolored graffiti created with spray paint on walls or subway cars define the urban landscape. This form of the socially unacceptable art form was prohibited as vandalism. However, this free walls painting gives opportunities for showing artistic creativity for urban youths.

Here we have accumulated a list of 18+ exclusive PSD Templates for your presentation. Just have a look at them and choose which one you want to download.

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 Updated New Inclusion on 06/07/2020

#1 Photo realistic Graffiti Art Effect PSD TemplateGraffiti Art Effect Mock-up Template

This template is mainly used for posters or flyers. It features photoshop PSD mockup, smart object and organised layers. For using this in your presentation you can edit colors, fonts, shades and layers as per your choice.

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#2 Graffiti Font | Street Tag Vol2Graffiti Font | Street Tag Vol2

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#3 Graffiti Layer Styles Spray Font Template

This template has been inspired from calligraphy tagging style. This realistic style is bold and readable too. Real graffiti has been combined with computer fonts. Kerning and spacing have been adjusted well.

#4 Wall – 3 Graffiti Street Art TemplateWall - 3 Graffiti Street Art Mockups

This template is marked with customizable wall background textures. It showcases editable smart object layers,2480×1748 pix (A5 with 300dpi), 3508×2480 (A4 with 300dpi) background size, predefined variations. If you want to change the background for your presentation you can definitely do this.

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#5 Graffity Art Style Photoshop Action PSD TemplateGraffity Art Style Photoshop Action

This Graffity Art Style template features Photoshop Atn format (action file ), easy professional results. Working Software Version is CS6 and CC2015.5 English version. All layers can be edited easily. Besides an artistic look. Time saving option is there. Color can be modified. Your concept can be super creative if you blend this with your presentation.

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#6 BIG Spray Graffiti Art Effect Collection TemplateBIG Spray Graffiti Collection

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#7 Old Wood – 3 Graffiti Art Effect (Street) PSD TemplateOld Wood - 3 Graffiti Street Art Mockups

This is a grunge logo template. Old wood background textures are editable. You can insert smart objects. Backgrounds size is 3508×2480 (A4 with 300dpi). There are three predefined variations. If you widh to change the background, you can.

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#8 Graffiti Art Effect (Text) Premium TemplateGraffiti Text Effects

This template will provide high quality urban style effect to your brand or logo. You can replace the text. This features layered PSD files, 3000×2000 px 300 dpi / RGB,Free fonts ,unique, editable background for each style and smart object replacement.

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#9 Free Graffiti Art Effect Bundle PSD TemplateGraffiti Bundle

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#10 Graffiti Art Effect Photoshop Action TemplateGraffiti Art Photoshop Action

This template is different from other market place wall painting action. Auto color and auto-setting options will provide you a single look. The advanced color tone is extremely attractive. The layers, shades, fonts even the colors are changeable.

#11 Pavement Tiles – 3 Graffiti Street Art TemplatePavement Tiles - 3 Graffiti Street Art Mockups

This design features editable background and logo in smart objects.Backgrounds size is 3508×2480 (A4 with 300dpi).Variations are of three predefined type. You can use it in a more flexible way with your own background.

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#12 Premium Graffiti on Wall TemplateGraffiti on Wall

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#13 Old Graffiti Spray Paint TemplateOld Graffiti Spray Paint Mock-up

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#14 Graffiti Football Player PSD TemplateGraffiti Football Player

This template showcases graffiti style with dirty grunge elements. Vector illustration has been used. With the help of Adobe illustrator you can easily modify the size and the color. Vector objects are grouped and separated by layers.

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#15 Metal Surface – 3 Graffiti Art Effect Street Artistic DesignMetal Surface - 3 Graffiti Street Art Mockups

#16 Graffiti Art Effect on Wall TemplateGraffiti on Wall

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#17 Graffiti art style logo text effect psd templateGraffiti art style logo text effect psd template. Premium Psd

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#18 Graffiti Grunge Texture TemplateGraffiti Grunge Texture

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#19 Graffiti Art Photoshop Action PSD TemplateGraffiti Art Photoshop Action

This template showcases customizable color option. The layers are organised.Extra photoshop skill is not needed here. User friendly guide is there and very easy for use.