Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Free Food Recipes App Template (Sketch)

Free Food Recipes App UI UX Template

Free Food Recipes App UI UX Template: We can happily say that cooking is our free time pass activity especially on Sunday we all want to make special dishes for enjoying food...

Free Easy Home Monitoring Dashboard Template in PSD

Free Easy Home Monitoring Dashboard Template in PSD: Home is the another name of peace. We stay comfortable and safe in our home. But it is our responsibility to monitor our...
Beauty Shop Mobile App

Beauty Shop Mobile E-commerce App (Ui Ux)

Beauty Shop Mobile E-commerce App: Now everything has in the grip with technology. Through various mobile apps one can get connected with the world world. Here is an e-commerce beauty app which...
Game Dashboard

Innovative Game Dashboard Interface Design Ui Ux

Innovative Game Dashboard Interface Design:  This template was designed by uixNinja. The designer is from Europe. Presenting an interface design of game. On the screen you can see the view of some...
Scooter Rental App Design

Scooter Rental Travel App Purrweb Design Ui Ux

Scooter Rental Travel App Purrweb Design:  This design is for an app for renting scooters. This is designed by Purrweb UI from Russia. Three mobile screens are set in a sky blue...
Bicycle Rental App Design

Rental Bicycle Rental App Design

Rental Bicycle Rental App Design:  Bicycle is healthy vehicle for environment as it doesn't create pollution. Its very easy for riding and make a person to travel independently. Here is a nice...
Food Delivery - App Design

Food Delivery Service App Design (Ui Ux)

Food Delivery Service App Design: Gradually we are becoming more busy. In such hectic schedule it is tough for us to cook for ourselves in time and on regular basis. Hence food...
Free Furniture Store App UI Template (Sketch)

Free Furniture Store App Illustration

Free Furniture Store App Illustration:  Nice furniture increases the interior beauty of a house. Before buying such thing we have to know what kind of furniture will suit for our rooms. Thus...
Prom | Event Discovery App

Prom Event Discovery Creative Mobile App Template

Prom Event Discovery Creative Mobile App Template: This colorful topography is designed by Shahriar Hossain. Everyone can find calendar and dates from here. Here one can filter events. The illustration showcases three...
Face Yoga IOS app

Face Yoga IOS Mobile App Template

Face Yoga IOS Mobile App Template: Ehsan Moin has design this fantastic mobile app. This illustration is very much creative. Through six images this app is clearly explained. Such typography is very...