8+ Cute Cupcake Topper Template in PSD & Ai Format


8+ Cute Cupcake Topper Template in PSD & Ai Format: Cupcakes itself looks as good as it tastes. Several items are added over the cupcakes to enhance its beauty, the more and grab the attention of more people. One way is done by designing a beautiful cupcake and another way it could be by adding toppers above it. A topper on each small cupcakes makes it look more amazing and attracting. Many bakers considered adding designed cupcake toppers over the cakes. If you want to craft a cupcake topper, then you would necessarily need a perfect design and time.

A proper cupcake topper is made with the designing skills and knowledge of colors. Creating a balance between the cupcake toppers design and color with the cupcake itself is a skill since there is the thought of color mismatching. If you are planning to create a cupcake topper, then you can look up to our website. Our website offers numerous cupcake topper templates designed with vibrant and simple colors that would go with every kind of and color of cakes you bake. With the help of Cupcake topper templates, you can create amazing toppers and put it over the cake to give a personalized touch.

Using different styles and themes, the templates are crafted. They are designed in a manner to suit every cake that you wish to add a personal touch. We have different toppers that are designed in different colors holding a particular theme. If you wish to get something on a simpler side, go for the subtle colors. Or if you want to to get something exciting and fun, then you can choose the vibrant colored templates.

You will find every kind of cupcake topper templates on our website, it’s just you have to take a look at our lineup that we have provided in the content below. Once you check the line, select one as per your preference and meet and download. Every template is freely accessible, editable and customization which allows its user to replace and rebind any color whenever and wherever they wish to.

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Templaten Exclusive Free Cupcake Topper Template Mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 04/11/2020

#1 Cupcake Mockup

Cupcake Mockup


#2 Star Cupcake Toppers Template

Star Cupcake Toppers Template


$3 Cupcake Toppers & Wraps Mockup Set



#4 Cloud Cupcake Toppers Template

Cloud Cupcake Toppers Template


#5 87 Cupcake Topper Mockups!

87 Cupcake Topper Mockups!

#6 Cupcake Wrap and Topper Mockup

Cupcake Wrap and Topper Mockup


#7 Cupcake toppers mockup

Cupcake toppers mockup


#8 Cupcake Topper Label MockUp

Cupcake Topper Label MockUp