12+ Best FREE Course Catalog Template


12+ Best FREE Course Catalog Template: What are the courses you are offered to students? This is the common question which can come to you if you advertise your institute in the public domain. So before the ask, it is better to answer the course catalogue. If you know the course catalogue, then it is well and good. But if you do not, then we would like to tell you about it.

A course catalogue is a booklet offered to the general public to provide them with the information about the courses a particular Institute is offering to them. It consists of the images, name of the courses and other necessary details regarding it. The objective of grafting a course catalogue is to let the public know about the courses and convince them to avail them with belief. That is why a course catalogue is crafted. As you are here, we are assuming that you too want to create a course catalogue and here to take the help of a template.

Since you are here, you can easily take the help of course catalogue templates from our website itself. We have designed course catalogue templates. You can have access to any of these course catalogue templates. We have lined up variant catalogue templates to meet everyone’s expectation. Starting from the simple ones till the decorated ones we have everything. We hope you will find one for yours from our compiled a list of it. So without any further quickly get your hands on any of these course catalogue templates and use it to create your catalogue.

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Templaten Exclusive Free Course Catalog Template Mockup PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 15/12/2020

#1 Music Course | Newsletter Template

Music Course Newsletter Template (1)


#2 Educia – Education & Online Course Catalog Template in Powerpoint

Educia - Education & Online Course Template (1)


#3 Targeting course turquoise

Targeting course turquoise (1)


#4 The Course Workbook

The Course Workbook (1)


#5 Public speaking Course Catalog Template (brochure)

Public speaking course brochure (1)


#6 Online Courses Promo Template

Online Courses Flyer Promo Template (1)


#7 App development course brochure

App development course (1)


#8 course catalog template word

Catalog (1)


#9 Canva Course Workbook | Raisa

Canva Course Workbook Raisa (1)


#10 Genius – Learning & college course catalog template in PSDĀ 

Genius - Learning & Course PSD Template (1)


#11 Webinar Course Slide Deck / Kayla

Webinar Course Slide Deck (1)


#12 Nuzie – Course Dashboard Template

Nuzie - Course Dashboard Template (1)