Bill of Sale Form Template

Downloadable Bill of Sale Form Template PDF and in Word Format: If you are looking for the “Bill Of Sale” template design, then we will be recommending you to follow this page. A bill of sale is the document that is provided to the person to whom he/she sales his goods. Ideally, a bill of sale is the ownership document of goods. It is basically used in sales of used goods like cars, motorcycle, boats and etc. In case of selling any low-cost goods, bill of sale is not used. Having a documentation process after the sale or buy of any goods is the safest as well as the best way for both the side. In this page, we have uploaded different “Bill Of Sale” templates examples in Word, PDF and other formats. You can download from here the different types of “Bill Of Sale” templates from this page for absolutely free.

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Bill Of Sale Document Template:

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If you are looking for the different “Bill Of Sale” template, have a go through this page. “Bill of Sale” is also named as – Payment Proof, Purchase proof, Proof Of Sale, As-Is Bill Of Sale, Sales Receipt, Sales Slip and much more. You can know about this from the below. Cases where the bill of sales is required –

  • Furniture sales.
  • Selling of personal property like clothes, jewelry and etc.
  • Selling of Aircraft.
  • Selling of motorbikes.
  • Watercraft selling such as boats etc.
  • Automobiles sales such as cars, motorcycles etc.

General Bill Of Sale Template:

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Simple Bill Of Sale Template:

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Vechile Bill Of Sale Template:

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The bill of sale we provided above can be used in sales of second hand vechiles like car, motorcycle etc. This “bill of sale” will be the proof for the purchase you made. So, download the free template from this page and take the print to use it.

Motor Vechile Bill Of Sale Template:

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Who should use Bill of Sale Form Template?

As we said before this documents can be used for multi-occasion so anyone who is going to sell or purchase any item can use this bill for a smooth transaction. To be more precise Bill of Sale Form Template could be used in below situations:

  • Any Purchases or sale made through websites
  • Especially trading vehicles or other items related to vehicles
  • 2nd hand or a used item Purchase and sale both
  • When making any transaction through private sale
  • When trading any high-valued item

Automobile Bill Of Sale Template:

Bill of Sale Form Template Free Download

Content Of Bill Of Sale:

Basically, the content of the bill of sale depend upon the products. The “Bill Of Sale” form contains following details –

  • Name, address and signature of seller and buyer.
  • In the bill, there should be clearly mentioned about the goods which are being sold/transferred.
  • There must be the sales or purchase date, price and the mode of transaction.
  • There must be the full description of the item mentioned in the bill.
  • Name as well as the signature of the witness and much more.

For exact information, you can go through the templates provided below.

Bill Of Sale PSD Template:

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As of now, we have added these Bill of Sale Form Template for your convenience. If you need Bill of Sale Form Template for any specific transaction, let us know we would try to get that for you. Please do drop your thoughts in the comment section.