27+ Beautiful Bandana Mockup PSD Templates


27+ Beautiful Bandana Mockup PSD Templates: When you create an online store, you’ll want to create your own brand identity and logo. A bandana mockup can help you achieve that goal. These mockups have a smart object option and well named layers. If you want to customize the bandana mockup, use Photoshop. Open the PSD file using Smart Object Layer and drop in your design. Then, save the PSD file and repeat the process for other items.

If you’re looking to create a mockup for your next campaign, Placeit can help you. This site allows you to customize the bandana with graphics, text, and your logo. It’s also extremely flexible, with the option to wear it several different ways, including around the head. Placeit mockups are perfect for a variety of purposes, from promotional material to social media posts. You can use this tool to quickly create mockups without the use of any special software or Photoshop.

Another great feature of Placeit is its ability to let you edit and customize the mockup, so you can easily tweak the colors and designs for your bandana or other item. If you want, you can even upload your own bandana photo or design to make it look as authentic as possible. It can also help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace and increase sales.

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#1 Bandana Mockups

Bandana Mockups (1)


#2 The Bandana Mock-ups Set

The Bandana Mock-ups Set (1)



As Branding Resources:

To ensure the best possible exposure for your bandana designs, consider using a bandana mockup as a part of your branding efforts. While a bandana is a popular fashion accessory, a bandana mockup can also be used for advertising purposes. There are many benefits to using a mockup of your bandana designs, including: A bandana mockup is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to brand your product. Not only does it look great, but you can customize it to fit your brand image and color scheme.

In addition, you can choose to use transparent backgrounds if desired. A tubular bandana mockup is another option to consider. This type of mockup shows your design in its most prominent form. And because the bandana mockup is available in several different colors, you can create mockups for both a male and female bandanas, as well as for kerchiefs.

#3 Pet Bandana Mockup Set (type 2)

1-copy- (1)


#4 Bandana Mockup

Bandana Mockup1 (1)

A bandana mockup is a fantastic tool to use for displaying your design. This mockup allows you to edit the design as you wish, and you can even switch the background color if you wish. With six different bandana sizes, you can showcase both the front and back sides of your design. This mockup also includes shadow effects to enhance the visuals. You can customize the bandana mockup with the color and type of bandana that you want it to look like.


#5 Square Silk Scarf or Bandana Mock-Up

Square Silk Scarf or Bandana Mock-Up (1)


#6 Pet Bandana Mockup Set (type 1)

4.5- (1)


#7 Bandana Mockup

Bandana Mockup2 (1)


#8 Red Bandanas Face Mask or Neck Scarfs Vector Set

Red Bandanas Face Mask or Neck Scarfs Vector Set (1)


#9 9x Bandana Scarf Mock-ups Set

9x Bandana Scarf Mock-ups Set

To create a bandana mockup, you need an image of a young bearded man wearing a neck gaiter. Make sure you choose a moderately bearded model so that the mockup will show your design in a realistic way. The bandana mockup is free to use and you can upload your design to showcase it.



#10 Bandana Mockup – Front View

Bandana Mockup - Front View (1)


#11 White Bandana Scarf Set

White Bandana Scarf Set (1)


#12 Baby Bandana Bib Mockup Set

1- (1)


#13 Buff Bandana Mockup

Buff Bandana Mockup (1)


#14 Bandana Polkadot Pattern Set

Bandana Polkadot Pattern Set (1)


#15 Baby Muslin Bandana Mockup Set

1- (2) (1)

This mockup will allow you to showcase your design with a bandana in a matter of minutes. For a high-quality, realistic bandana mockup, try this PSD file. The PSD format of this mockup makes it easy to customize. Its PSD files have smart objects and are organized with layers. You can use the bandana mockup for your own purposes, or you can customize it for commercial purposes.


#16 Bandana with Head Mockup

Bandana with Head Mockup (1)


#17 Bandana Scarf Transparent Set

Bandana Scarf Transparent Set (1)


#18 Black Bandana Realistic Set

Black Bandana Realistic Set (1)


#19 Headband or Bandanna for Head or Wrist

Headband or Bandanna for Head or Wrist (1)


#20 Headband Bandanna for Head or Wrist Black Cloth

Headband Bandanna for Head or Wrist Black Cloth (1)